Is Cat Grooming Really Necessary?

Most people think cats can take care of themselves—and they’d actually prefer it that way—but even the most fastidious feline groomers could use a helping hand.

Regular grooming—including brushing, bathing, shaving, and nail trimming—offers many benefits, including promoting a healthy coat, eliminating odors and matted fur, and reducing hairballs. In addition, it provides an opportunity for you to check your cat for fleas and ticks, lumps and bumps, skin problems, and other health issues you may not otherwise notice.


Regular brushing removes dead hair, dirt, and debris from your cat’s coat, helping to prevent mats before they become unmanageable and reduce hairballs, which build up in your cat’s digestive system—and ultimately end up on your carpet. In addition, you’ll cut down on shedding and the amount of time you spend getting cat hair off your furniture and clothes. As a bonus, brushing is also a positive way to interact and bond with your cat. To keep your cat’s coat in tip-top shape, aim to brush her twice a week, but keep in mind that long-haired breeds may require more frequent grooming than their short-haired counterparts.


Can you bathe a cat? And if so, should you? While not typically necessary, bathing may be recommended to treat a skin condition, remove unwanted substances from the fur, or improve hygiene for cats who cannot physically groom themselves.

Bathing can be performed at home, but we would strongly recommend at a professional grooming facility. If you want to wash your cat at home, stick to your cat’s body—her face should only be gently wiped with a damp washcloth—and keep the entire process as quick as possible to reduce stress.


If you have a long-haired cat, she may benefit from having her fur clipped—or in some cases, completely shaved—to keep her cool, comfortable, and mat-free. This is best left to the professionals, so contact Animal Magic Pet Grooming for an appointment.

Nail trimming

If your feline friend is particularly prickly or getting caught on your furniture, chances are their nails could use a trim. Regular physical activity and scratching behaviors wear down your cat’s nails naturally, but it’s a good idea to keep them trimmed for their own comfort—and yours.

Final Advice - if you are not sure or confident washing and grooming your cat, then use the professional services of Animal Magic Pet Groomers. Our team groom cats on a daily basis.